Children ICT

Welcome to Ellacombe Church of England Academy.

We are proud to be part of the Learning Academy Partnership, which is a family of inclusive and aspirational schools, working together within a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) with a Church of England Foundation.

Our vision at Ellacombe C of E Academy is for every child to be confident and happy as we nurture their development and strive for success. We very much see ourselves as a School Family, who, with our Parents, work together to to ensure the very best for each and every pupil. In doing this, we strive to enable all children to achieve their potential in all areas of their learning- intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural – through our engaging and aspirational curriculum.

Our Christian and School Values underpins our work as we encourage a strong and loving community spirit in which children thrive and develop a moral compass to guide them through life. Our ethos is Children First and this is evident in everything we do, from our curriculum planning to school design. To empower us to enable every child to flourish, we value our incredible partnerships with our parents who are such a vital part of our School Family. We absolutely know that learning begins and continues at home and that by having excellent, supportive relationships with our parents, we can empower our children to blossom and excel. We do this every day by talking and working together to enable our children to develop trust, respect, confidence, independence, self esteem and the desire to challenge themselves and  learn together.We believe that collectively, we can empower excellence.

Mrs E Semmens

Head of Academy