The Wonders of World War 2!

The Wonders of World War 2!

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 20:28 -- herdsmen

This half term the Herdsmen have been learning all about WW2 and in particular, what life was like for an evacuee during the war. History is an important part of our learning as it helps us to understand the world around us and how society, our country and the rest of the world has been shaped by important historical events over the past centuries.

One of the ways that we have been learning about what life was like for Evacuees in WW2 is by reading our class novel; Carrie's War. It follows the story of evacuee brother and sister Nick and Carrie who are sent to live with horrible Mr. Evans in Wales following the evacuation from London. The children have been thinking about the story and the characters in the book and using their reading skills to answer their classmates questions about the novel, such as;

Will Miss Evans ever stand up to Mr. Evans?

Will the house get bombed, and will Carrie and Nick get hurt?

Does Mr. Evans secretly like having the children in the house?


The children have also been learning about the war by looking at different historical artefacts such as medals, gas masks, letters home from soldiers, identification cards and naval personnel records. They have been thinking about what they can infer about life during the war years from these artefacts, and who they might have belonged to.

Members of the Herdsmen and Heroes class discussing who these WW2 medals could have belonged to and what they show.


Another amazing learning opportunity for us was when we visited the Brixham Battery Museum, where we got to try on WW2 unifroms, look at equipment and guns, and even walk through the same tunnels that the soldiers used to walk through when they were stationed defending Brixham! It was amazing, and Ivan and Rod, the volunteers and our guides were just fantastic, so enthusiastic and helpful!

Ellie Howe trying on WW2 uniforms at the Brixham Battery Museum.